Rights, Responsibilities and Qualifications

Rights of Board Members

All Board members have the right to:

  • be informed of all matters pertaining to the governance of the Centre
  • be heard during Board deliberations
  • be respected for their opinions on matters of governance
  • bring forth any governance matter from the Centre’s constituency

Responsibilities of Board Members

All Board members must diligently and to the best of their ability and circumstances carry out their duties as prescribed by the Centre’s bylaws, policies and procedures.

Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • attending all board meetings
  • preparing for board meetings by reading all the relevant information prior to the meetings
  • participating actively in the meetings
  • attending and participating in orientation and training activities presented for board development
  • contributing to the work of the Board through its committee and work group activities


Board members must share the vision of the Centre, be committed to feminist values and principles, be interested in the services provided by the Centre, be aware of community needs, and be committed to the work of the Board.

Without exception, Board members must be able to:

  • Understand and address the governance issues of the Centre
  • Appreciate the needs of women in their community
  • Respect their colleagues on the Board
  • Participate actively in deliberations
  • Distinguish between management and governance issues and responsibilities
  • Abide by the Board’s governance policies and procedures
  • Contribute to the board’s work
  • See and think of issues in their local, national and global context
  • Support the philosophy and goals of the organization and participate thoughtfully in discussion of values, vision and long term issues

Put the best interests of the Centre before their own personal or professional interests